BOHO Biloxi Social House Wine & Cheese

An old Spanish proverb says, “It’s better to have bread left over than to run short of wine.” I couldn’t agree more. Who would ever want to run out of wine? It’s sexy. It’s sophisticated. It’s delicious.

  These sentiments are shared by Sommer Cannon and her husband, Ryan, owners of the new Biloxi Social House and Wine Bar in downtown Biloxi. Referred to as BOHO for short, the name is a play on Biloxi House, but also the shortened version of bohemian, a vibe that Sommer wanted to depict in what is quickly becoming one of the coolest spots on the Coast.

  The idea of BOHO was born from the Cannons recent trip to the Spanish coastal city of Valencia. A late-night visit at a local bodega inspired Sommer to pursue her dream of opening something similar on the Gulf Coast and within a few weeks of returning home, the Cannons signed a lease and began to bring their vision to life. 

  In just a short amount of time, BOHO has taken off downtown. It features almost 60 brands of wines and champagnes, ranging from smooth and sultry to light and bubbly. Domestic and craft beers are always on hand for the non-wine drinkers, while inventive craft cocktails are always a great option if you’re looking for something new.

  Sommer sources fresh, local produce for her inventive snacks and meals with a focus on the incredibly trendy charcuterie and grazing boards. The simple, yet well thought out menu pairs incredibly well with the vast array of libations. The BOHO experience is a great way to relax at the end of the day or to celebrate the night out with friends.

  The best thing about BOHO is that there is an equal emphasis on the customer’s food and drink experience. Even better, is the way that the food and drinks compliment each other. For anyone new to wine, BOHO offers a variety of wine flights that are the perfect way to sample different types of wines. You can choose all in the same family or change things up with a series of reds, whites and or a rosé. All flights are high quality wines that are guaranteed to provide you with an awesome sample of what BOHO offers.

  Wine cocktails are also a crowd favorite. The Watermelon Sugar High is a light mixture of white wine, vodka cocktail and watermelon juice and is the perfect refresher after a hot day. My favorite is the Always Sunny in Biloxi featuring house red wine, tequila cocktail, dragonfruit, and hibiscus. This drink is bold and flavorful and paired well with everything I had!

  The BOHO menu is simplistic and sophisticated, offering classics like Hot Crab Dip made with local crab or the in-house salsa. Two standout options are the Baked Brie and the Classic “Char-cutie” and there’s really no way to choose a favorite. The Baked Brie is an outstanding dish and one that Sommer was sure to perfect. A wheel of creamy brie is nestled inside a split top dough where it’s sprinkled with truffles, drizzled with honey and baked until warm and melted. The Char-cutie is a grazing board that features so many delightful treats, it’s hard to decide where to start. Meats, cheeses, garnishes of olives, fruits, and crackers, along with various tapenades all grace this shareable board. The Char-cutie is fresh, colorful and simply delectable. 

  Sommer is excited about the instant attraction and fan loyalty to BOHO. Plans for the expansion of a back deck are on the immediate horizon with the hopes of BOHO becoming a great place to checkout your favorite fall sporting event. The vibe is incredibly relaxed, but a dash of sophistication still floats in the air. Daily specials are a hit, such as Taco Tuesday, WINEdown Wednesday, and a ladies’ night on Thursday. Like the wine it pours daily in its signature LARGE glasses, BOHO is an awesome mixture of various flavors and notes that blend together forming the perfect final product.

BOHO Biloxi Social House Wine & Cheese
871 Howard Ave., Biloxi
Facebook @biloxisocialhouse
Hours: Tues-Thurs, 4-10 p.m.; Sat-Sun, 4-11p.m.

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