Sharon Weeks


Perfecting Her Personal Style Surely no one will argue that Sharon Weeks, owner of Grant’s for Her in Biloxi, is always dressed stylishly and…

Christen Duhé


Community by Day, Comedy by Night While most of us have hobbies outside our day jobs, few venture into activities that would terrify the…


The Burial


The Story of O’Keefe v. Loewen In the real world, no one expects the underdog to win. That’s exactly why these stories of triumph…

Creating in Quiet Ways


Seventy-Seven-Year-Old Cross Stitcher, Max Peck Seventy-seven-year-old Max Peck considers his cross stitching more technical than artistic but his wife and friends say his needlework…

King of Cool


In Remembrance of Jimmy Buffett The unexpected death of iconic music ambassador Jimmy Buffett has taken an emotional toll on the people who adored…

Kaleidoscope Vision


Biloxi Visual Artist and Muralist Julia Reyes Creates Public Pieces with a Uniquely Fresh Perspective Julie Reyes is a Mississippi public art anomaly —…