Biloxi Shuckers Concessions

It’s the summer. The sun’s out. It’s hot. I might melt and it’s not even August. While I would love to indulge in a 68-degree thermostat, America’s favorite pastime is in full swing and I’m here for all things baseball! And by baseball, I mean I’m here for the concessions. All of them.

  Sure, it’s fun to go hear the melodious clink of a baseball meeting an aptly-swung bat, but if you aren’t secretly there for the food too then you are totally missing out. Especially if you’re at the newly named Keesler Federal Park watching our very own Biloxi Shuckers dominate Class AA minor league baseball.

  There’s truly something special about the combination of summer, baseball, hot dogs and even fireworks. It gives me major The Sandlot vibes and takes me back to a simple time of being able to enjoy an incredibly fun sport while snacking on all the delicious food with my friends and family. 

  Ballpark concessions are in a culinary class all their own. Give me golden yellow melted gooeyness from a can poured atop salted chips with a sprinkling of jalapeños and I’m set. But even ballgame favorites deserve an upgrade every now and then and the team at Keesler Federal Park has taken their concessions game to an entirely new and exciting level. If you haven’t noticed, major renovations have taken place at the Shuckers Stadium from the installation of a Tiki Bar to the opening of a small beach and splash pad. But the biggest highlight is the opening of brand new concessions throughout the ballpark and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. 

  Oakview Group is the proprietor of all things delicious at the ballpark and the team has worked tirelessly to bring fans something new, exciting, and unique to the Coast. Everything is made in-house and providing fresh, exciting food has become the number one priority. Concession favorites such as pretzels, peanuts, and popcorn are readily available throughout the park and can be found at the Shipwreck Grill along with classic burgers, chicken strips, and hot dogs.

  Biloxi Breeze Tacos is an amazing new addition featuring various Street Tacos, house Red Beans and Rice, Crawfish Queso, and Street Corn. Weekly Taco Tuesday features are a new staple and will easily become one of your go-to favorites. The Catch of the Game concession features the incredible Strike Out Burger, comprised of two hand-formed smash burger patties, Provolone, and a signature sweet heat BBQ sauce served on a warm pretzel bun. Lighthouse Pier is a nod to all things Coastal, featuring a variety of po’boys, seafood baskets, the “Shuckuletta,” and chicken wings. You can even get chargrilled Oysters on the Fly at the Aw, Shucks concession, or a signature Conecuh Sausage Hoagie.

  In addition to these new main concessions, a number of grab-n-go options are available to help ease the burden of grabbing a quick drink or slice of pizza. Beer Gardens, ready to drink cocktails, Murky Waters BBQ, and Quakes Ice Cream are all readily available throughout the park and are added bonuses to an incredibly elevated culinary experience.

  Shuckers General Manager Hunter Reed is proud of everything that the stadium team has accomplished. Recognizing that baseball is very much an “eating sport,” the goal was to bring Shuckers Nation an elevated fan experience. Whether fans are local to the Coast or visiting from out of town, there is something for everyone at Keesler Federal Park and the only problem you might have is deciding on which delicious item to try first!
  Play ball, y’all!

Biloxi Shuckers Concessions
105 Caillavet St., Biloxi
Facebook @BiloxiShuckers

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