The Beehive

The natural beauty of the Gulf Coast is enjoyed by all who live and visit here. If you’re fortunate to have a home with views of the water and magnificent oak trees, then you are truly blessed. Holly Lemoine-Raymond and Leo Raymond are among the grateful few. Their Waveland home, named The Beehive, has it all: spectacular views and clean lines in an amazing home with a coastal vibe. Holly calls the style Mississippi Modern.  

  A realtor® and broker with HL Raymond Properties, Holly featured the home on her television show Inside Out that airs on regional ABC affiliates. “I met this house and the previous owner at one of our modern episodes and told him how much I love it,” she recalls. “Shortly after it aired, he approached me about buying it. I would have never dreamed I would end up owning it one day and am so grateful for the opportunity to live here. I am in heaven!”

  With its white décor and abundant light flowing through walls of large glass, the heaven analogy is not so far fetched. But more than that, the house is like living in a modern tree house. It was built in 2019 and has just over 3,000 square feet. The Raymonds purchased the home a year ago.

  “I do feel like I’m living in a modern tree house,” Holly says. “The views of the fabulous oak trees and the stunning beach combined are unlike anything I have experienced. I love all the high ceilings, the open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.”

  However, when the family wants privacy, they can use a remote control to pull down the hidden shades with just a touch. “They are amazing, but the majority of the time we enjoy leaving everything open,” Holly said.

  Everything in the home is state-of-the-art technology including security and sound systems and the appliances that are both functional and beautiful. The home features a suspended glass balcony that was custom built and showcases a simple, clean look. “Most importantly, it doesn’t inhibit our view of the trees and the beach,” Holly said. “It takes a bit of getting accustomed to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

  This successful realtor® describes her decorating style as modern with a hint of industrial. “This house is our modern coastal oasis,” she says. “I didn’t do my normal industrial twist on this one since it was so elegant and streamlined. With a backdrop like this, simple decor is best.”

  Leo Raymond maintains the home’s grounds which have a natural look that blend perfectly with the surroundings.

  Holly says she and her husband have no trouble living with the white furnishings. Her son, Landry Lemoine, is there too when not attending classes at Millsaps College and running cross country track for the school. “We all pick up as we go, but we truly do relax and ‘live’ here,” she added. “It’s very inviting and believe it or not has quite a comfortable feel amid the white background.”

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