Summer Succulents

Why are succulents so trendy? Succulents are easy to grow, and they do not take much care. Succulents do not need much watering and can survive the summers in South Mississippi. They come in a variety of many flowering colors. Succulents are versatile and a great addition to any garden. With so many choices, including ground cover, it is hard to choose what might work best.

When your flowers or plants are wilting in our summer heat and humidity, it is time to plant some beautiful succulents to replace some of the plants in your garden, or add them to your garden for a new look.

A trip to your garden center can be overwhelming with just the names of the succulents: Euphorbia, and Tillandsia, Crassula, Echerveria (very popular), Agave, and Kalanchoe.

These will grow well in our South Mississippi area outside and in a container. Planting them in colorful, interesting containers makes them easy to bring inside during cold weather, but also adds interest to your summer garden! It’s a win-win situation. Make sure succulents have a location that guarantees them six hours of full sun a day. Morning sun is the best for these plants to thrive.

For a porch, patio, or deck, potted succulents are perfect. Succulent container gardening is quite popular. They work well outside as well as inside in planters for the home or your own front porch. Be sure and choose a container with drainage holes and spread rock or gravel in the bottom of the container before adding soil designed for succulents on top. Plant the succulents tightly into the pot as they are slow-growers.

Since succulents do not like wet soil, they should only be watered every 10-14 days to keep them healthy. Be sure to let the pots dry out between watering as the plants store water in their leaves. Indoor succulents may need water more often depending on location. Always water them early in the day.

I’m hoping you find the perfect succulents for your garden. As always, happy gardening!

  Gaye Winter, Ph.D., teaches English at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and is a member of Biloxi Garden Club. Reach her at

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