Dr. Charles Cassidy Bass

A Pioneer of Oral Health

The best thing that an individual can do for good oral health is to brush and floss their teeth. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day and cleaning between teeth with floss (or another interdental cleaner) once a day. 

  In recognition of our South Mississippi heroes, it is appropriate to mention one individual from Columbia, Mississippi, who has had a tremendous impact on dentistry and is the one of the reasons why we make flossing and brushing recommendations. In 1914, Dr. Charles Cassidy Bass, a physician, developed an interest in oral health and studied the bacteria in the mouth. It was after his retirement in 1940 from Tulane University in Louisiana, where he served as Dean of the Medical School, that he began to study oral health. 

  Dr. Bass wanted to understand the diseases of the mouth, mainly dental decay and gum disease. He focused on investigating and conducting experiments to determine the best means of using toothbrushes and dental floss for effective prevention of important diseases of the mouth, and dedicated the rest of his life to promoting good oral health and the best way to brush and floss.

  The Bass Method of brushing is the way most dental hygienists instruct you how to brush today. In addition, Dr. Bass developed an improved material for dental floss – nylon rather than the previously used silk. It is important to note that although he made such significant contributions to the dental profession, he did it at his own expense and in the interest of public health and not personal profit. Dr. Bass’s research, personal letters, and samples of the materials that he used to promote oral health were donated to the University Of Mississippi Medical Center School Of Dentistry. Thank you, Dr. Bass!

  And remember, visiting your dentist twice a year will help you to stay ahead or prevent potential dental and oral problems. At your Beach View Family Dental biannual checkup we will review your health history and medications, examine your teeth and gums to look for dental decay and gum infection, examine your bite, and perform an oral cancer screening by looking under your tongue and around your entire mouth. 

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