Coastal Relaxation

Everybody needs a break. However, who has the time, energy, or money for that most of the time? There is some good news: taking time to relax doesn’t need to be some big, planned, time-consuming
event. It can be as simple as enjoying the things around us every day in our own backyard. While that saying might be an idiom, maybe it’s time we take it literally too. Let’s appreciate the Coastal amenities that we take for granted!

Enjoying the Outdoors

  I would be remiss not to mention the most obvious relaxation spot we’ve got: the beach. All the way from Waveland and Bay St. Louis to Ocean Springs and Pascagoula, we’ve got a beautiful coastline.

  Do you relax by exercising? Go for a walk or run in the sand. Prefer to keep things more low-key? Spend an afternoon sunbathing or reading a book under a beach umbrella. If getting your blood pumping is the way to chill you out, then you’re in luck: there’s lots of water sports you can take part in, whether you rent or buy your gear.

  Not a fan of sand getting in your shoes, car, and every crevice imaginable? No problem! The beach isn’t the only outdoor relaxation spot we’ve got. The Coast has State Parks, walking paths, and bike paths to enjoy. You’re sure to discover something new to do with all of our beautiful natural entertainment!

  Don’t feel like leaving the house? Maybe it’s time to enjoy your own, literal backyard! Put on some sunscreen, grab a book, and enjoy the day.

Health & Beauty

  Need a day of pampering to take your mind off of things? There are plenty of spas, wellness centers, and beauty parlors to help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel like a brand-new person!

  From hair care, nail care, facials, massages (including cupping therapy, stone massages, and many more options), tanning, and other general health and wellness activities.

  And these activities don’t just help you feel good momentarily – many of them are genuinely good for your health longterm!

  From our plethora of casinos, to chains, to mom and pop businesses, wherever you are on the Coast, there’s likely a spa nearer to you than you think (seriously – while researching for this, I discovered one five minutes from my house that I’d never noticed).

Restful Accommodations

  Looking to get out of the house and spend the night out? Let somebody else worry about cleaning, and maybe even cooking! There’s plenty of wonderful lodgings on our beautiful Coast, whether you’re looking to be right off the beach or more in the city. It’s not just for out-of-towners – staycationing in your own town, or the next town over, can help you appreciate the things you may take for granted. Many places even have other amenities, like pools, or deals with other local attractions. 

  From local bed and breakfasts that give you a taste of that southern hospitality we all know and love, to chain hotels and motels you trust, to luxurious rooms to treat yourself. There’s an option for a variety of budgets if you’re looking to visit another city on the Coast.

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