Aliens in Pascagoula

Out of this World Festival October 20th

It’s been half a decade since the chilling, unwavering alien encounter tale told by fishing buddies Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson was solidified deep in modern Mississippi folklore and history.

  And to signify the milestone, Main Street Pascagoula is embracing the well-known alien abduction as part of the Flagship City’s heritage with an Out of this World Festival on October 20 from 5-8 p.m. The event in downtown Pascagoula promises astral flare and cosmic costumes, stellar food, celestial live music, and otherworldly activities for children.

  The event marks an extraterrestrial saga you’ve heard a time or two.

  The alien abduction account has led some to claim the city of Pascagoula has been a beacon for out-of-this-world visitors for the past 50 years. In fact, the Parker, Hickson recount of the October 1973 event is one of the most well-documented cases of extraterrestrial landings and abductions in American history and will make a believer out of the most stubborn skeptics. 

  The fishing buddies had settled on the bank of the Pascagoula River to drop a few lines. Hickson was 42 and Parker was 19, and both men recalled a football-shaped vessel emerged from a misty cerulean glow and a few seconds later, three extraterrestrial beings were looming before them. The aliens paralyzed both men, abducted them, and then released them back on the riverbank.

  Hickson died in 2011 at the age of 80 and maintained until his death the mission of the aliens was to one day walk among us, helping mankind. 

  These days, a newly released book has just landed online and on store shelves with fresh information, secretly recorded police files, regressive hypnosis sessions, and a slew of new witnesses who claim they were also abducted that fateful night.

  “Beyond Reasonable Doubt – the Pascagoula Alien Abduction” includes photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, exclusive artwork, and a foreword written by Parker.

  “All we ask is for you to take an objective look at this evidence and see if you agree with us or not,” author Philip Mantle said.

  Of course, almost everyone has an opinion when it comes to extraterrestrials and their interest in Earth and its human inhabitants. Some think widespread alien abduction tales are just bogus theories while others are more open-minded, and then there are those obsessed with universe mysteries – cameras poised and tinfoil hats ready. 

  But no matter if you’re a fanatic or a scoffer, the Out of This World Festival in Pascagoula will surely bring out a little extraterrestrial wonderment and add yet another page to this historical alien encounter.

* Since the publishing of this article, Calvin Parker has passed away.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Parker family.

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