A Venue Worth the Wait

Gulf Coast Couple Returns to England for the Wedding of Their Dreams

After a five-year-long engagement, Luke and Rachel Berry were finally able to have the wedding of their dreams. Both are originally from the United Kingdom but have called the Gulf Coast home for seven years.

  “When we first started dating, we drove past a place in Somerset, England called St. Audries Park,” Rachel Berry explains. “From that moment, we knew when we got married, it would be there.”

  St. Audries Park is an old manor house that has been converted into a wedding venue. Known for its long history and charming atmosphere, it’s no wonder the Berrys were enthralled by it.

  When travel restrictions were put in place due to COVID-19, the couple knew that they had two options – find a venue on the Coast or wait until travel opened back up. “Even with all of the beautiful venues here, we never wavered in wanting to be married at St. Audries Park. So, we postponed the wedding.”

  Even though postponement meant an even longer engagement, Rachel found the plus side of the situation. “It gave me the opportunity to switch my color palette!” she jokes.

  By December 2021, advancements had been made in self-testing in the United Kingdom. All of the wedding guests were able to take a COVID test on the day they traveled to the wedding, creating a bubble-like day where everyone felt safe.

  On December 11, 2021, Luke and Rachel were married.

  “The postponement was definitely worth the wait,” Rachel says. “It was such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to celebrate our wedding with those we loved.”

  The Berrys married in the St. Audries Park’s orangery, with a Winter Formal event theme and a white, gray, and silver color palette.

  “It was absolutely perfect.”

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