A Rosy Outlook

Doesn’t every little girl want to be a princess at some point in her childhood complete, with crowns, gowns, and a pink fantasy bedroom? The furniture and toy industries sure believe they do. Magazines and catalogs feature white bedroom furniture dressed in plush pink linens against chic blush walls, making every little girl (and every mom south of the Mason Dixon) drool. Pink is the most popular paint color for a little girl’s room, and it feels like it always will be. 

  Something happens when little girls grow up and begin to make their own decisions about decorating their first apartment or their first home. Maybe they feel like they need to use “grown up” colors at some point and pink begins to disappear in favor of the latest color design trend.

  One might think the love of pink grows into the love of red at some point, but we find most people are afraid to even get near red these days. Red used to be one of the bold colors suggesting luxury and wealth, particularly in the hospitality industry. Lobbies draped in velvety crimson and honeymoon suites with red bedspreads seem to have faded away. Red houses are few and far between now and even red accented kitchens are considered retro these days. You would think that a color invoking passion, energy, and lust would always be in fashion!

  There are so many new shades of pink and red available in paints, furniture, textiles, and accessories. It might be time to take another look at these classic colors. Paired with complimentary colors and used in moderation, red and pink can be the design punch you may be looking for. Earthy, rusty reds are fabulous accent colors and blushing pinks are considered neutrals that can used almost anywhere. There is such a wide variety of hues to choose from. Use a darker red in a powder room for a rich, dramatic effect. Partner red with denim or navy blue for classic Southern coastal charm. White slipcovered chairs and sofas trimmed in red are fabulous!

  Halfway between red and orange you will find a coral shade that suggests it’s been to Asia and back, offering you an exotic getaway without leaving Mississippi. Pair that coral with darker browns and watery blues and lush greens. Moving in another direction, just past hot pink, and you are going to get into some of the most luscious light pinks and blushes that lend themselves to every room in the house. They are fresh and some of the new hues are so saturated with rich color, you expect them to smell like the flowers they mimic. The right pink just makes you happy.

  Layer a variety of red and pink shades in a room. Mix the colors through fabrics and rugs. It’s always easy to find a good-looking shade of either color in a great piece of art if you just want to add a little spark to a room. And if you have a bold personality just looking for an opportunity to be heard, a small red or pink lacquer table or chest does a lot of talking. Be confident and just do it!

  February is the month of love. From pink heart candy that asks someone to “Be Mine” to red roses that tell someone “I’m glad you’re mine,” we are surrounded by pink and red. Why not add some brightness to your world all year long. Try adding some red and pink into your home style and fall in love with these two enduring colors all over again.

   Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior designer for over 35 years. Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware industry. Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

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