Sharon Weeks

Perfecting Her Personal Style

Surely no one will argue that Sharon Weeks, owner of Grant’s for Her in Biloxi, is always dressed stylishly and well put together, but not in a trendy way. Some may even call her a style icon, but she doesn’t describe herself that way. She says she expresses her own personal style – something she advises every woman to do.

   “I don’t personally call myself a style icon but I think my style is unique and tells a story. I’ve always received compliments on my personal style and I feel that’s what really encouraged me to have my own ladies shop,” she said.

  Born and raised in Ocean Springs, she now resides in Biloxi with her husband, Roland Weeks. She has one daughter, Shelby, who lives in Los Angeles and owns a Fashion PR agency. “We often collaborate, attending markets together in New York City and Los Angeles to bring your favorite designers to the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” she says.

  Although Grant’s for Her is her first shop to own, she always had a love for fashion and could be found working (and shopping) in a few of her favorite local boutiques.

  “Growing up, I always loved fashion! When I was in school, I wore uniforms but enjoyed shopping with my mom in downtown Ocean Springs,” she recalls. “Anytime we would shop, we wouldn’t buy a lot but the pieces we did purchase were always nice, quality items. My mother started it and that remains the way I shop now.”

  Weeks discusses her style inspirations. “There are many but a few that stand out are Jackie Kennedy, a true ’60s inspiration with a feminine, clean, sophisticated style. Mother/daughter duo Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn for their love of 1970s retro style with hippie inspiration that they both have carried into each new decade,” she says. “And finally, Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who (like me) loves a blazer and has a classic style that is chic and effortless but she can also own a glamorous red carpet moment.”

  Classic clothes are her favorite style, which she says is her common theme. “My favorite go-to clothing item over the years has always been a blazer; they never go out of style,” she said. “Long maxi skirts and midi length skirts make a great alternative to denim. Plaids are always versatile and belts! I’ve always worn belts. Before my daughter could walk, I had belts on her too.”

  Asked about an era of design that stands out for her, she replied, “My favorite eras were the ’60s and ’70s – particularly tailored skirts and pants and short boxy jackets with oversized buttons from the ’60s. From the ’70s, I can’t get enough of bell bottom pants, frayed edges, peasant blouses and vests – all of which are in right now.”

  Addressing the casualness that permeates much dressing today, Weeks said, “Since the beginning of COVID, style has gotten a lot more laid back and casual. However, I think dressy attire is on the rise. Blazers, belts, and accessories can aid in pulling an outfit together and making it feel more complete and not so casual.”

  What about common fashion mistakes she sees women make? “The first thing that comes to mind is buying quantity over quality and investing too much money into trendy pieces that won’t stand the test of time,” she said. “Also, women buying something because someone else has it or because it looks good on someone else. It’s important to discover your own personal style and buy only what you love and can’t live without.”

  This fashion merchandizer lists some favorite fashion tips that are ‘in.’ The French tuck (basically a front half tuck); mixing prints (florals with plaids); accessories, specifically hats and belts; less logos; more attention to your style and less on the brands; fashion sneakers; buy more basics; quality over quantity; and shopping local. 

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