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School is officially back in session. This signals the return of studying, homework and the mother-of-all commitments: extra-curricular activities. Dance. Baseball. Soccer. Piano. Underwater basket weaving. Okay, maybe not the last one, but let’s be honest – as the summer comes to an end and the days grow shorter, it seems like there is simply not enough time in the day. Literally. There. Is. No. Time.

  Getting multiple kids from one practice to the next lesson is daunting enough. At what point do you cook a remotely healthy meal whose origins aren’t from a cardboard box or the freezer section of Winn Dixie? Sure, you may have achieved Signature Status on your Chick-fil-A app, but nuggets will only get you so far. Luckily, the Coastal food scene is home to pretty savvy women who totally get the struggles moms, working professionals, and women in general face when trying to come up with a solid weekly menu plan. Check out a few of my absolute favorites!

Kitchen Sisters
  Kitchen Sisters is one of Pascagoula’s newest grab-n-go eateries. Owners Hayley Espey and Blair Purdy have teamed up to prep some incredibly scrumptious meals with a focus on quality ingredients. Their mission is to help their customers take better care of themselves by making it easy to access and cook delicious and healthy meals. Serving others through food is a true delight for this dining duo and they are making waves in the community one lasagna pan at a time. The Garlic Tahini Chicken is a personal favorite featuring grilled chicken, jasmine rice and blistered seasonal vegetables. Served with Kitchen Sisters signature tahini sauce, this easily feeds a family of four with leftovers. Grab a Fall in Love Salad and a few Snickerdoodle cookies for a complete meal.

703 Krebs Ave., Pascagoula
Facebook @kitchensistersmealprep

Eat Drink Love
  Lauren Taranto and her team at Eat Drink Love (EDL) have been Ocean Springs favorites for years. Taranto has an incredible knack for combining some of the most treasured coastal favorites and creating truly remarkable salads, sandwiches and more. EDL believes that a hard day’s work should be rewarded with delicious and nutritious meals that are easy to prepare without much fuss. They have a take-n-bake freezer full of hearty soups, casseroles, dips and high-quality meats. The Lasagna and Moroccan Shepard’s Pie are a couple of customer favorites.

701 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs
Facebook @EatDrinkLoveCatering

Makin’ Groceries
  If you are looking for easy meal prep that also caters to your special dietary restrictions, Makin’ Groceries in Biloxi has you covered. Lauren Turner-Christy has built an incredible and devout following of customers who seek out her allergy friendly and dietary friendly meals. Makin’ Groceries knows that finding the balance of feeding your family healthy meals while constantly being on the go is no easy task. Taking some of that pressure off families has become a true blessing for Turner-Christy. Her vegan friendly options are sought after each week, as she has a genuine talent for taking an unassuming vegetable and transforming it into something really marvelous. The Tomato Pie is a house favorite showcasing fresh, summer tomatoes and a handmade pastry crust. These sell out almost instantaneously so good luck getting your hands on one!

871 B Howard Ave., Biloxi
Facebook @makingrocery

Fallon’s Gourmet
  Having recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, Fallon’s Gourmet in Gulfport is a well-known one stop shop for full family meals that taste just like momma made ‘em. Owner Fallon Josef loves a good Southern casserole (who doesn’t?!) and understands the importance of taking one to a friend in need. There’s something so warm and comforting about it. Fallon’s casseroles are crafted with love and full of fresh ingredients that make them perfect for a delicious and quick meal on those late nights at the ball field. From the signature meatloaf to Josef’s personal favorite, Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas, to the homemade banana pudding, Fallon’s Gourmet is that comfort food mecca for when you just need something rich and good.

2308 25th Ave., Gulfport
Facebook @fallonsgourmet

Dolce Bakeshop
  No day is complete without dessert. That’s fact. Whether you are looking for something special to complete your meal or want to treat your kids to something special while jetting from one place to the next, Dolce Bakeshop has just what you need for your sweet tooth! With locations in Bay St. Louis and Long Beach, you have double the chance to stack up on some truly indulgent sweets. Gelato Cookie Sammies are a fun treat featuring your choice of cookie and your choice of Italian gelato. Decadent cupcakes are the signature item at Dolce and you might as well grab a dozen because you’ll definitely want one before and after dinner!

131 Main St. D, Bay St. Louis AND 112 W 3rd St., Long Beach
Facebook @dolcebybrookerester

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